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The next World Cup in Australia and New Zealand stops in Venice

In Piazza San Marco, the World Cup will be awarded at the end of August

The FIFA Women’s World Cup tour also stopped in Italy, namely in Venice, in Piazza San Marco, where the trophy was shown to many spectators.

The trophy was brought to Piazza San Marco after the presentation ceremony held at the Aula Magna in the Ateneo Veneto, in the presence of the Vice-Mayor of Venice, Andrea Tomaello, the FIFA delegation, the FIFA General Secretary, Marco Brunelli and technical host Melina Bertolini.

The presentation was attended by Ambassadors Margaret Twomey (Australia) and Jacqueline Frizzell (New Zealand).

It was Brunelli himself who opened the ball for an event that gave the start to the next World Cup: “Women’s football is becoming an increasingly central fact in the sporting activity of this country and therefore of the federation.”

“Hosting the Cup is really a matter of pride, and I am very happy to greet the ambassadors of the two countries that will host the competition,” the minister comments, “because Australia and New Zealand are two countries with great sporting culture and they have a very strong relationship with Italy and the Italians, so it’s an extra reason for fun and we can’t wait to be there.” .

An idea inevitably turned to France 2019: “The 2019 World Cup was an exciting adventure and many things have changed since then, for the better. The movement is expanding, increasing the number of members, coaches, managers and referees. With the show to be experienced this summer, we would like more to be able to Girls from participating in soccer.”

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Milena Bertolini, at the helm of the national team for the second consecutive World Cup, analyzes the pitfalls: “We live the wait with great enthusiasm. Going there in 2019 and coming back is a reason for great satisfaction. We will find a beautiful context from a geographical and cultural point of view: we prepare ourselves to the smallest detail, Also because we would have to overcome an aspect of the time zone.”

It is inevitable not to think about who will make up the next blue group: “The hardest part now is choosing the teams: the group is definitely bigger, with many young players showing off. We have to balance the experience of the old people with the enthusiasm of the young ones. The level is very high, but we want to give All we have.”

Special reflection also from Ilaria Mauro, French World Time Trial Champion who represents Legend FIGC.

“I say only one thing to the girls: if you have a dream in your drawer, always believe in it and don’t give up,” said the Friulian forward at the end of the day.

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