The next sting for professionals and businesses: what the tax authorities are preparing

You will succeed on the way to Italian companies and workers, who will once again be required to meet the deadlines of taxIncluding very high bills, tax bills, taxes and more.

November is expected to be decidedly upwards, given that in addition to the regular deadlines, including the IMU credit and second advance on direct taxes, so-called off-calendar deadlines will also be added. Just to name one, think of payments related to Third cancel.

Let’s see specifically what is planned for the next few months.

November deadlines

Deadlines will begin as early as November 16th. In this case we are talking about payment Fixed INPS Contributions of interest to craftsmen and merchants.

However, on November 30, there will be a maximum of two deadlines in which taxpayers who have joined the government’s proposed fiscal peace will be required to pay the four installments of the opt-out that expires in 2022 (you can pay until December 5) . In addition, again for November 30, the second deposit of direct taxes Such as Ires, Irpef, Irap, Ivie, and Ivafe, complete with Social Security substitutions and contributions.

December deadlines

It will then start again on December 16th, with emo balance 2022. Italy today She predicts that on this occasion up to 11 billion will go to replenish state coffers.

On December 27, then, there will beVAT Deposit Related to the closing recurring payments for the last month (or last three months) of the current year. All taxpayers who have a VAT number, except for those who have been exempted from periodic payments, or who have stopped working by November 30 (monthly) or September 30 (quarterly), or who have made non-taxable and non-taxable transactions, will You are required to pay a VAT deposit.

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Payments from next year

At the end of 2022, taxpayers’ pockets will loosen up again on February 16, when the tax authorities will knock again. Specifically, merchants and artisans will be required to pay the last installment of the 2022 “fixed Inps contributions.” The term refers to those contributions that must be paid even if nothing is earned.

In addition, it must be remembered that from January 2023 the pre-consumption times related to subsidized loans From 25-30 thousand euros with a state guarantee. These were introduced during the pandemic period by Legislative Decree 23/2020, but from 2023, taxpayers who took advantage of them will have to pay interest and return part of the loan received.

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