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No interruption for the Meta development teams: After announcing new channels, accessing Instagram and Facebook, now comes more than credible neglect regarding The WhatsApp. To post it is the usual blog WABetaInfowhich has now become almost a kind of official WhatsApp blog due to the amount of preview news that I managed to get and, above all, due to times View a fileAccuracy from this news.

second WABetaInfo The next post on WhatsApp is called “newsletters(but it can be a codename), and some references to it can be traced within a code2.23.5.3 Android beta app. This new feature is unofficial, however WABetaInfo It has so much info on it to think what was just posted is a classic napkin To prepare the field for another new WhatsApp.

WhatsApp newsletters: what are they?

With due caution, despite the specificity of the specific case, it should always be used when talking about beta applicationsWe can say without much doubt that news releases will be nothing but WhatsApp version of Telegram channelsalready copied from Instagram and Facebook.

Technically, in fact, we are talking about Messages sent from one to many: You subscribe to a newsletter and start receiving messages (text, images, video, audio…).

There is no end-to-end encryption But, on the other hand, given the type of connection, it will be useless: the user can only receive, not send. However, i User personal data (name and phone number) are hidden from other subscribers and only the creator of the newsletter can see who receives it.

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Still in second place WABetaInfoSo, at the moment there are no clues about the possible monetization of this tool: there is, for example, no i Advertising banners between messages (which, however, are in Telegram channels).

Many of these functions are similar to those already seen within WhatsApp community, specifically in the ad group. the differences Between communities and WhatsApp newsletters, however, there will be.

First of all, by the numbers: newsletters have a dossier Unlimited number of subscriberscommunities have al A maximum of 5,000 participants. Then we must remember that communities, unlike newsletters, are end-to-end encrypted. Finally, the creator’s name is always visible in communities, not in newsletters.

Finally, it should also be noted that the build Newsletter is much easier And faster than creating a community, with all sub-groups inside, this could lead to the first tool spreading at the expense of the other (which, among other things, is struggling to boot).

WhatsApp newsletter: when will we see them

As it is easy to understand, WhatsApp newsletters would be a very similar tool for Telegram channels. Thus it will be useful for companies, public bodies, creators, football teams, etc…

It’s hard to say when they will arrive, but it is already in beta and is very similar to the channels Meta has already launched on Instagram and Facebook. There is no doubt, then, that channels / newsletters will also come to WhatsApp, it’s just that A matter of time And it may not take long.

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