The News Teller: The Widening Gender Gap in Cooking Revealed

Title: “Global Survey Reveals Persistent Gender Disparities in Cooking Habits”

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A recent survey by Gallup and Cookpad has shed light on an ongoing disparity in cooking habits between men and women worldwide. The survey, which tracked home-cooking routines, found that women cooked twice as much as men, averaging nine meals per week compared to men’s four.

Despite a narrowing gender gap in cooking in recent years, the survey results indicate a worrisome reversal of this trend, suggesting a potential resurgence of traditional gender roles. Andrew Dugan, a research director at Gallup, remarks that societal expectations may be contributing to this shift. The COVID-19 pandemic had briefly increased the involvement of men in cooking, but the latest survey demonstrates a return to previous patterns.

Interestingly, the gender gap in cooking differed across countries, with the largest disparities observed in Ethiopia, Tajikistan, Egypt, Nepal, and Yemen. Women in the United States outpaced men by cooking approximately two more meals per week, emphasizing the persistence of this gender divide. Surprisingly, Italy emerged as the only country where men cooked more than women, intriguing the researchers.

The reasons behind this flipping of the gap and the unique trend observed in Italy remain elusive, leaving experts puzzled. However, the survey’s results underscore the underlying gender inequality and imbalance in household chores and cooking responsibilities worldwide.

These findings present a pressing need for continued efforts to address gender roles and stereotypes related to domestic responsibilities. Greater awareness and advocacy are crucial in order to promote equality and ensure a fair distribution of household tasks. Through education, dialogue, and an ongoing commitment to breaking down gender barriers, society can work towards achieving a more equitable division of labor within households.

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As the global community strives for progress and gender parity in various arenas, this survey serves as a reminder that significant disparities still persist in seemingly mundane aspects of daily life. The News Teller is committed to raising awareness of such issues and actively participating in discussions that drive positive change.

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