The News Teller: Galaxy S24 Ultra rumored to offer 4K video at 120fps, pre-orders to include bonus storage and discounts

Samsung fans are eagerly waiting for the release of the brand’s next flagship series, the Galaxy S24. Set to launch in just two weeks, the upcoming smartphone lineup is already generating buzz in the tech community. Recent leaks suggest that the Galaxy S24 Ultra may come equipped with a groundbreaking feature not seen in its predecessor, the S23 Ultra.

According to the leaks, the Galaxy S24 Ultra may offer 4K video recording at an impressive 120fps. This would be a major upgrade as the current S23 Ultra does not support this feature. However, it is important to note that this 4K 120fps video recording mode is still in testing and may not be available on the final release of the device.

While Samsung is trailblazing with this potential feature, other smartphone brands have already incorporated 4K 120fps video recording on some of their models. For instance, OnePlus, a major competitor to Samsung, already offers this feature, giving users the ability to capture high-quality videos with smooth motion.

In addition to the possible video upgrade, the Galaxy S24 Ultra may also introduce a change in its camera setup. Reports suggest that Samsung might replace the 10x telephoto lens found on the previous model with a 5x lens, aiming to enhance users’ photography experience with improved zoom capabilities.

Moreover, Samsung is planning exclusive pre-order perks for its loyal customers. Potential pre-order benefits for the Galaxy S24 series include discounted prices on a Galaxy Watch or Galaxy Buds FE, doubled storage at no extra charge, and even higher trade-in credits for older devices. These enticing offers aim to attract and reward early buyers.

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Excitement around the Galaxy S24 series continues to grow, as the much-anticipated launch date of January 17 approaches. Samsung enthusiasts can’t wait to see the new features and improvements the brand has in store for them with its latest smartphone lineup. Stay tuned for more updates on The News Teller as we bring you the latest news on the Samsung Galaxy S24 series.

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