The new ZEBRA logo is not exposed

Parma, June 28, 2023 – Contemporary, aggressive, more understandable and attractive, especially for the younger generations. the Parma zebra Presentation of the new club crest that will accompany the Italian Rugby Union franchise at this very important stage of its re-launch in the national and international context.

This is the first effective rebranding for the company competing in the prestigious BKT United Rugby Championship and EPCR Challenge Cup against major teams from Europe, UK and South Africa. Exactly fifty years after the birth of the “Historic Zebras” and eleven years after the foundation of the franchise in Parma, the club is making a strategic choice that is partly conservative and partly revolutionary in relation to modern traditions. After ascertaining the city and the social colors and the project of creating roots in the Parma region which brought, above all in the last period, important results and satisfaction, Zebras implements a change in image, starting with a redesign of the symbolic animal, aimed at promoting a different message, a new mentality and a renewed perception .

The zebra image, from being sideways, is now frontal, aggressive and tough, with eyes directly on the observer.

The club’s goal is to offer, first of all, the players of a team that has been deeply renewed from a sporting and personal point of view A new image in which one recognizes oneself and strives for it.

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