The New York Times announced that it was closing its sports newsroom and handing sports coverage over to The Athletic

the The New York Times announce that it would close its sports editorial office, and that the coverage and publication of the newspaper’s sports articles would be entrusted to the sports website. the athleteEither online or in print. the athlete Purchased in January last year since The New York Times At an estimated cost of about $550 million, a process that allowed the newspaper to acquire an editorial staff of more than 400 journalists dealing with many sports, publishing about 150 articles a day.

Over the next few months, the The New York Times It will arrange the transfer of 35 journalists from the sports editorial staff to other areas of the paper and, at least for the time being, there are no plans to lay off staff. The decision was long overdue, given that the paper’s coverage of sports news has declined dramatically in recent years. the athlete It is not profitable yet and in the first three months of this year it recorded losses of $7.8 million, on the other hand the number of subscribers to the site increased from one million last year to three million in the first months of 2023. The remarkable increase contributed by the various subscription plans along with Subscription plans The New York Times.

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