The new video about Busha shows Russian soldiers and the dead in the same streets – video

Independent media Meduza has published a new video about the Bucha massacre. after posting satellite images which testify to the presence of corpses during the occupation of Moscow and Russians’ voice Who are talking about massacres? film It was built with new files containing high-quality drone footage of the southern regions of the small town on the outskirts of Kyiv that was recently liberated from Russian occupation. According to the metadata, these videos were recorded from March 23-30, 2022. In the footage, you can see the corpses of civilians lying on Yablonska Street. Through geolocation techniques, Medusa reporters have located exactly where the bodies are.

Russian army near the corpses

This is where the Ukrainian police and journalists from April 1 to 2, 2022 found. Medusa explains that in many videos it is possible to see military vehicles of Russian airborne units at a distance of tens or hundreds of meters. Maybe BMD or BTR-D. One of the footage shows people standing near these vehicles while the bodies of the dead are dozens of meters away. In the films recorded on March 29-30, the Russian vehicles are no longer in the same place. This coincides with claims by the Russian Defense Ministry about the withdrawal of troops from March 30. So far the evidence he showed The New York Times They came from Maxar Technologies and were collected between March 9-11.

But the Kremlin’s misinformation tried to argue that the photos are instead of April 1, the day Ukrainian troops entered Bucha. Medusa’s video refutes this thesis. And the media also clarifies who presented the photos: the Belarusian neo-Nazi Serhiy “Potsman” Korotkich, who is fighting with the Ukrainians. Russian media accused him and his group of killing civilians in Bucha between March 31 and April 1. Through these videos, filmed by the drones of his fellow brigade, Korotekikh denies the Russian thesis and demonstrates his battalion’s innocence of the Busha massacre.

Because the Bosha massacre is real: the streets and the soldiers

The Meduza website explains that there are three main reasons for saying with certainty that the footage was recorded before the withdrawal of Russian forces from Bucha:

  • First of all, Russian military equipment is clearly visible on Yablonska Street, even on different days. Armored vehicles appear between 23 and 28 March. But in the 29th video, the Russian military vehicles no longer exist and the Ukrainian army does not use those models;
  • Second, the source provided the original video recorded by the drone, which contains detailed metadata, including when the footage was taken;
  • Finally, the metadata was verified by two independent experts to rule out tampering. The use of chronological positioning techniques allowed confirmation that the times recorded in the metadata correspond to the actual times the video was recorded and that the first video depicting the bodies could not be recorded after March 26, 2022.

The site also published the files on which the video was based google drive. All this allows us to have reasonable certainty that these videos are true and that they document the presence of bodies in the street before the arrival of the Ukrainians. So it removes all doubts. Or at least those who have actual doubts. For certainty it will be for another time.

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