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Whatsapp version 2.21.140 is available on the App Store. There are many innovations in the store that will surely delight users

The WhatsApp
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The WhatsApp It is always in constant flux. L ‘Request It periodically introduces users to more and more innovative innovations that make this tool rise more and more in the scope of approvals.

In the last period, the new version ofa program, or that 2.21.140. Thanks to it, it is possible to perform many operations that were previously not possible. Let’s find out the most important ones and those of the greatest collective interest.

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Whatsapp: Details of the updated version available on the App Store

Among the most relevant there is one particularly related phone calls. with the new copy This is really possible Leave group calls and join them from the Calls screen as they progress. It is also possible to join a conference call later even when it was not possible to answer it initially.

L ‘Update It also allows you to keep the sound mute conversation Archived when new people arrive Messages. To set this option, you need to perform the following steps: Settings > Chats > Keep archived chats.

for lovers attached From now on, the task will be much simpler as it can be easily found while crafting a file Message. Of course this is as long as it is already downloaded.

However, perhaps the most interesting change is the one related tographic call interface, Both individually and collectively, which shows people joining the calls. By creating a custom key, others can be invited or inserted themselves into it conversation in progress.

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For now, you may not be able to use the above functions right away. It may take a few weeks for that to happen. so don’t worry, The WhatsApp As usual he speaks.

The dark period now seems a distant memory. Many users migrate towards cable NS Signal At the beginning of the year, she left her mark and became famous ever since green and white app She rolled up her sleeves to surprise even those who chose her.

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