The new trailer tells the remake!

After a long succession of The first part of The Last of Us has been leaked Influencing the past few days, official details about production have finally arrived.

Team obedient dog Actually published for a long time gameplay trailer Dedicated to remake the adventure of Ellie and Joel. The video is available live at the opening of this story – which is over 10 minutes long – unveiling the software house’s approach to giving new life to the original. the last of us. Details accompanying the new trailer tell us the news that will characterize the game, starting with technical improvements, but not only.

And so we learn that Our Last: Part One will suggest Two ways to use, with native 4K frame rate and 30 fps or 4K dynamic at 60 fps frame rate. The new version will also support file3D soundbehind Haptic feedback and adaptive stimuli by DualSense. Naughty Dog continues”Completely rebuilt from scratch“To get the most out of the PlayStation 5 hardware. The Ellie and Joel saga will now have one More realistic and advanced physics, for example with a rolling display of the effect of lead on different materials. The cinematic sequencesThe team continues, it is now continuously incorporated into the gameplay. It also made motion capture possible Transformation animation for The Last of Us characters, making it more natural. Changes also toI towith enemies now populating the game world with more detailed strategies.

The most demanding players will now also be able to count on one permanent mode And on the other side custom speed mode. space too New unlockable costumes For both Ellie and Joel. Naughty Dog also paid great attention toAccessibilitywith more than 60 new features, among which is also a mode audio description.

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Our last part 1We remember that it will be available on PS5 starting the next day September 2, 2022while you will access your computer at a later time.

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