The new trailer is stunning and pays homage to the Lunar New Year –

lets see Amazing new trailer From Black Legend: WukongPosted on the occasion Lunar New Year. For those who are unfamiliar with it, we are talking about 3D action developed in China by Game Science, which got a huge resonance even from our side after the first trailer, which showed really excellent graphics.

The new movie is no exception. When looking at it, you’ll see different gameplay sequences, including some of the enemies the protagonist will face on his adventure. There are also some big players President, One is shown in a short sequence, the other in more detail. Also, there is one last surprise that we do not say so as not to spoil it (watch the video and you will understand).

Inspired by Black Myth Wukong Journey to the WestIt is one of the masterpieces of oriental literature that we also know in various forms. Many of you probably already know that Akira Toryiama’s Dragon Ball is also inspired by its pages.

Black Myth’s excellent first trailer: Wu Kong immediately explained the ambitions of the development team, plus it was a dedicated project PC, Xbox Series X | S e PS5. Deployment is scheduled for the end of 2021, although there is no actual launch date.

Before you leave, get more informations We recommend that you send preview messages to Black Myth: Wu Kong ..

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