The new sting of veto, “embezzlement” and financing

The arrival of a new sting on joint accounts changed everything for Italians. Really against now they will close them.

Shared accounts are in theory one comfort for families. Indeed, thanks to the joint account, the husband and wife can pay the expenses of one account instead of two.


But the other advantage is that by having only one account, you can easily control your home budget.

veto bite

As the cost of the current account increases, Only one payment instead of two is convenient.


But now comes a new Supreme Court order that changes everything. Let’s see what happens. A recent ruling by the Supreme Court, with the opinion of the spouses opposing it They had a joint account. One paid a sum and then the other withdrew it. Whoever paid claimed it was embezzlement. The husband who withdrew the amount claimed that if the amount is on the account, then it is available to both of us.


But the Supreme Court decided that in the absence of a clear will to donate it can be expressed through a clear and unambiguous element Donation does not exist and therefore the amount paid by the person is always available only to the first. Therefore, with this new decree on the joint account, the possibility of embezzlement comes tangibly Even only for those who withdraw an amount without the consent of the other who paid it. In fact, this is something that happens a lot in disputed accounts, and so it’s clear that this decree risks really changing everything.

Automatic suspicion of evasion and money laundering

But the real sting of disputed accounts comes precisely from the tax levies. In fact, today’s tax man knows that joint accounts are exactly the tool used by tax evaders and money launderers. Thanks to the joint account, money can pass between different numbers and between different situations and therefore for this very reason Anyone with a joint account even if it is a simple family in good faith Today it is monitored by two different types of artificial intelligence of a tax officer. The first is the super logging of current accounts and the second is the real AI. With these two extremely powerful IT tools Joint current account holders are subject to constant monitoring and, if necessary, verification.

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