The new stadium and the first division: goals of Naster, the new sponsor of Pisa

Transforming Pisa into a multinational football team. Alexander Naster has the intention and the money to make it happen. In a not too distant future. The Russian-born businessman, who lives and works between the United Kingdom, America and Italy, was the new owner of the club for two days, having acquired 75% of the shares (from Ricci and Paletti members) for between 12 and 15 million euros (the Corrado Ma family). Gi.Co. Srl – which it acquired in December 2016, to avoid the risk of bankruptcy – will retain the remaining 25%).

An investment, as he emphasized in the first message to the fans, “is but the beginning of the road that will accompany the team and the club towards new sporting and non-sporting goals.” One of the critical steps will be to “modernize structures” according to a “shared vision” with management. The references are easy to spot: building a sports center for the future academy but above all redesigning the Garibaldi stadium. The stadium is one of the reasons Naster got his hands on Pisa: not the factory itself, but the possibility of what could become tomorrow: a multifunctional collective space in a strategic location (only a few) hundreds of meters from the leaning tower, over the ruins of the current tower), where you Large scale football events, such as shows and concerts. An extraordinary opportunity, according to Lucca summer festival sponsor Mimmo D’Alessandro, in recent days in a conversation with Mayor Michel Conte, an admirer of his “ardent admission of the historic turning point in Pisa”. “Things – he says – never happen by chance.” Once it (re) reduced to an institutional role, he notes how “this important step will open economic opportunities for the entire fabric of the city, and support tourism, events and commerce.” Hoping to “meet Knaster as soon as possible to start working on new projects together immediately,” Conte asserts, “The long-term vision wins again, as opposed to the day-to-day management that has been strangling the city for many years.”

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Among the topics interested in the redevelopment of Garibaldi Stadium are Legends International, the world leader in stadium improvement by planning marketing strategies, and already partners with, among other things, Real Madrid and Manchester City. Meanwhile, the Yared (Pisa advisor) is working on preparing documents for submission to the municipality. Above all, Pef (Economic and Financial Plan) to obtain approval for planning interventions.

Yesterday Knaster spent his first day in town as the new owner of Nerazzurri: lunch at a restaurant on the San Rossore estate with Giuseppe Corrado (president) and his son Giovanni (general manager), followed by a team visit, at Garibaldi Stadium, on the eve of Chiavari’s off-stadium match against Virtus Entella (played Tonight at 9 pm, live on RaiSport and Dazn), in preparation for their second-division first-leg match. One of his priorities is to return the Nerazzurri to Serie A, where they have been missing for thirty years. Too many for those with such high ambitions.

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Jan 22, 2021 | 12:10

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