The new reward for PC starts at 500€, only one condition is enough

Here is a brand new PC bonus of €500 per month, you can request it by answering only one condition but you have very little time.

Computer bonus 500 euros –

In a world that is constantly changing and where The needs are differentWorking from home or studying with technology has become a must. For this reason, rewards and assistance that can make a difference and help make ends meet are always in demand.

The PC bonus 500 EUR And certainly an excellent contribution to help support the costs of the various subscription fees with the application to be submitted no later than October 20th. How to apply? Here’s everything you need to know.

How has the way people work changed?

The outbreak of the epidemic from COVID-19 It caused many inconveniences and problems and also forced many people to work/study directly from home. The concept of smart work became part of Italian families, who adopted this way of working even after the return of the state of emergency.

PC bonus 500 EUR

It is clear that there is also talk of problems from a purely economic point of view that does not allow the Italians to do so live in peace. Situations are different and bonuses paid by the government can certainly be useful to support any kind of application.

The personal computer is a gadget that is part of every Italian family, so much so that no one can give it up. Not only for study or work, but also for work and personal practices because today most Events take place online.

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smart work
Smart Work –

The digital divide is huge now, which is why it is important to reduce costs as much as possible. The government always releases very interesting aids that are combined with those offered by local administrations. Contributions are specifically designed to provide tangible support Buying computers and the like.

€500 PC Bonus: How to order it?

The new PC Bonus is worth 500 and offers the ability to purchase a PC by subscribing to subscriptions. The basic requirements are citizenship in one of the European Member StatesAs well as residing in one of the countries of Puglia for at least two years, specifically in Bari.

Added to all this is the ISEE whose value does not exceed 9,360 euros. This is not all, a family member of the applicant must assume the obligation to acquire essential digital skills that are seen asEIPASS BASIC or similar certificates.

This bonus can be requested until November 20, 2022 and relates to the costs of Internet subscription and the purchase of all technological devices. Relevant expenses may already have been incurred starting from 06/16/2022 (Also to sign subscription contracts).

person on computer
Someone at

The application must be submitted after completing the form which can be downloaded from the website of Bari municipality. Immediately thereafter, it will be sent by registered letter with the return receipt to the municipality of Bari or to the approved e-mail by 10/20/2022.

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