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The new Pokémon Snap has super sales in the UK ~ Pokémon Millennium

New Pokemon Snap It just got rolled out but sales are starting to show United kingdom. The Pokémon Snap comeback generally hasn’t gone unnoticed, as the new chapter actually animates a large number of fans ready to dive into the world of Pokémon photography on some kind of fun safari. Between a nighttime expedition and a changeover to the perfect shot, the title promises to keep players busy for the long haul. The game has great reviews from critics and is a welcome change for anyone who couldn’t play the original twenty years ago. Amidst the criticism and appreciation, a lot of talk is made about the spin-offs and this leads many people to buy them out of curiosity.

Also in United kingdom The game is on everyone’s lips, and sales seem to confirm this. Despite the simultaneous release of other titles, such as Returnal for PS5, the game would have taken center stage. The best-selling mace is not yet official, but the recklessness is leaking out from the sector journalist Christopher Dering.

Nintendo sure sleeps quietly at home seeing the sales

to me Urges, Sales of New Pokemon Snap It would be so overwhelming that they quadrupled the results of the original version; It was released in September 2000. It has been objective since a lifetime, but this comparison gives an idea of ​​how, despite the years, Pokémon are still always at the top in the gaming arena. We have to see how New Pokemon Snap Will be accepted for sales test in Italy: at the time of writing, he is in first place Nintendo eShopBut it is too early to pass judgment.

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In conclusion, New Pokemon Snap He seems to have been born under a lucky star. From a cash standpoint and from a sales point of view, it seems that the game is only reaping successes; We’ll see in the coming months what support will be given to the title and if the audience continues to reward it with sales.

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