The new Pokémon Snap, a preview from a new game movie

We’ve seen a long gameplay presentation in the New Pokémon Snap for Nintendo Switch: Here’s what we found out about the mechanics

Renewed while staying true to tradition. This appears to be the logo for Pokemon’s new products, which have also been confirmed in New Pokemon Snap, Reinterpretation Bandai Namco A great classic from the Nintendo 64 era. Awaiting Checkout date, Set April 30, 2021 on the Nintendo Switch, we were able to help with Preview Into a long gameplay video, which allowed us to dive into some of the mechanisms: camera control, rating system, changes to scenarios, and finally, editing and sharing options for images.

Check the camera

For starters, the Pokémon Snap was a specific type of “bar shooter,” wherein they were “shot” rather than bullets at the monsters in the home of the moment. Developed by Hal Laboratory and published in 1997, we then took us for a walk on a kind of interactive safari, through levels that allowed us to meet Pokemon of all kinds. To ensure diversity, gradually more and more tools have been unlocked for interactions: food to attract monsters, smoke balls to confuse them or a Poké Flute to wake them up.

By following these mechanisms, it is clear that New Pokémon Snap is a convenient casual feature, which places great emphasis on fan service and players’ passion for photography in one form or another. For this reason, the most important points to see in action are the camera and your camera Control system. Two aiming systems are used: the first is the classic one, with analog sticks used to move the frame; The second uses the gyroscope instead. Either way, you can zoom in and out and the Quick Start Guide clarifies everything after a few minutes.

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Pikachu as usual will be called

At this point, all that remains is to start exploring the region of the moment, which in this specific case is Roseride Beach. Then we leave on a ship on rails and start taking pictures of Pokemon. The number of shots available is limited per session, but it doesn’t seem necessary to heighten one’s desire to shoot Pokemon. They appear in different situations and occupations, and also change according to the time of day. We don’t know yet how many scenarios will be available, but exploring the different islands in the Adas region will have to deal with habitats and ecosystems that could be very different from one another. Just like in the original, it’s important to use a few things to get the best shots: Throwing fruit allows us to enjoy the fire of Pokemon they are bent on cooking, while it’s mysterious. Light areas They will give access to various interactions between monsters and the environment. Playing the melody will animate creatures in a unique way, but the “wipe” function is essential as well: it not only makes Pokemon perform the moves, but also allows us to discover secret areas or regions. This is why it is important to search every corner, find hidden bays and Pokemon. It is not yet clear how many variants will be included, but it is clear that the goal of the developers is to bring us back again and again in the same habitats in order to ensure that we can restart well.

Evaluation and adjustment system

The rating increases if there are more Pokemon in the frame
The rating increases if there are more Pokemon in the frame

New scenarios unlock as your level of exploration increases. In this sense, the professor’s photo assessments from the island of lentils, a. telescope. These are based on a star system, with parameters related to the position of the subjects, their size within the image, their degree of rotation towards the lens, and their position in the frame.

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Before reaching Speculux ratings, it is necessary to determine which image we consider to be the best for each Pokemon, also based on the “rarity” of the timeless moment. Rarity, also in this case, is indicated by a variable number of stars, from 1 to 4; Once you’ve evaluated your shot, you can decide if you want to add it to your Pokédex pics. Photodics, While the result obtained will increase our level of exploration.

Machamp's photo is ready for Instagram
Machamp’s photo is ready for Instagram

Somewhat structured it also appears to be Edit mode from pictures. In Resnap, we can change the image in its basic structure: not only zoom, tilt and brightness, but also focal aperture, depth of field and focus position; You can also add some color and caption filters. However, using the same editor, we can enter filters, frames and dozens of stickers to choose from bows, hats and balloons. Everything can then be shared online via Nintendo Switch Online: The photos will be posted to the player profile and can be evaluated by others with medals, or some kind of “like” mechanism that can increase the popularity and coverage of each picture.

Finally, there are very few details about the encounters with Pokemon that seem to have been influenced in some way by the mysterious Lumina phenomenon: They could represent the equivalent of the bosses that were originally seen, but it was not possible to deepen the theme during the event. On the one hand, the technical sector is fine, both for animation and for Pokémon models: the reduction in script interaction definitely allowed us to push in this direction more than what happened in the final chapters of the main series.

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A beautiful Pelossum dance
A beautiful Pelossum dance

The new Pokémon Snap confirms itself as an interesting show for Pokémon fans. A game that has a specific goal of super enthusiasts and doesn’t want to revolutionize anything: that’s why it can best achieve its goal of entertaining even the most ardent Pokéfans in a relaxed and comfortable way.


  • Proven formula
  • Various possibilities for interaction
  • In-depth photo editing mode


  • Restartability has yet to be assessed
  • How will Boss Battles work?

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