The new Peugeot 408 2022-2023 SUV paves the way for unprecedented design and innovation in many ways

There is no doubt that the new Peugeot 408 2022-2023 It does not leave you indifferent. Although the fashion is specific to the coupe suv, not all car manufacturers adapt to this choice. Such is the case of Peugeot, which offers the 408 with a roof halfway between the elevated sedan and coupe SUV, even if the manufacturer avoids that definition.

When in profile, one can perhaps best appreciate the work of the Peugeot designers. In fact, the bodywork is characterized by numerous folds that highlight the dynamic side of the car, especially at the level of the lower part of the black body.

  • Peugeot 408 2022-2023, because they love their new SUV

  • Consider Innovating Peugeot 408 2022-2023

Peugeot 408 2022-2023, because they love their new SUV

The Peugeot 408 2022-2023 is 4.69 meters long and fits the 308 and 508 station wagon, which measure 4,636 meters and 4.75 meters respectively. Higher (1,478 m) than the other springs, 408 has the same pitch as the 508, or 2,787 m.

In terms of designPeugeot has taken on some of the elements that made the new 308 a success: front and rear mudguards on the dowels, a long ribbed bonnet, and a grille in body colors, but it’s adorned with signature illuminated headlights with Matrix Led headlights.

Finally, the taillights connected to a black stripe are based on those of the 308. As for the trunk size, the latter goes up to 536 liters with the seats not folded and goes up to 1,611 liters for the gasoline-powered version. The rechargeable hybrid version sees its capacity reduced due to the battery at 471 liters and 1,545 liters, respectively, with the unfolded and folded seats.

In terms of engine, the 408 . advances Two rechargeable hybrid carsOne with 133 kW (180 hp) and the other 165 kW (225 hp). There is a 1.6 Puretech thermal motor with 110 kW (150 hp) or 132 kW (180 hp) torque of 250 Nm. Accompanied by a permanent magnet synchronous electric motor, positioned at the front, which delivers 81 kW (110 hp) and 320 torque Newton meters.

there Gasoline version It is powered by a 130-horsepower Puretech engine that delivers 230 Nm of torque, all combined with an eight-speed EAT8 automatic transmission, the only transmission proposal of the entire range.

Consider Innovating Peugeot 408 2022-2023

L ‘Inside Peugeot 408 2022-2023 Almost the same file 308, with the 10-inch i-Cockpit incorporating a 3D display positioned behind a double-decker steering wheel with a massive central hub. The 10-inch touchscreen is positioned lower than the phone, but in front of the driver who only has to reach it. A transmission tunnel runs between the two front passengers, which supports the eight-speed automatic transmission.

comes with parking button, drive mode selector and brake button, regenerative brakes for plug-in hybrid versions. Add to this 33 liters of assorted storage plus two USB-C ports and two cup holders. Rear passengers also benefit from two USB-C ports.

In terms of Assistive Driving or Adas, this is new Peugeot 408which has six cameras and nine radars, includes the basics, namely adaptive cruise control with Stop and Go function, automatic emergency braking with collision hazard warning (working both day and night), active warning of involuntary crossing of the road marking line, Extended recognition and display of road signs on the digital instrument panel, night vision system, blind spot warning system, rear cross traffic warning via a high-resolution 180° reversing camera, 360° parking assist.

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