The new website is live, the new digital experience that accompanies users to discover the values ​​and projects of the Veronese winery

A new platform designed to engage, inform and excite: Easter Holiday It is an experience, training and entertainment about the world of values ​​and wine projects in Pascua Vienne. Following the well-established communication strategy of the winery – the result of analysis, research and experimentation – the new digital platform, taking advantage of the latest technology, translates the values ​​and emojis that characterize the philosophy of the Veronese winery. As evidenced by the results that have emerged from the research carried out by the Verona-based company for the international agency Toluna, for Millenials and Generation Z of Italy, the United Kingdom and the United States (a target in which the Pasqua family continues to invest in its projects) the web remains the main platform for obtaining information and discovering News and deal with the brands that best meet your needs. And wine, especially for young people abroad, occupies a leading role in search engines.

Always keen to interpret emerging trends with a pioneering eye, Pascua Fini decided to revamp her “virtual home”—often the first tool for accessing the vault’s history, values, and products—to appeal to an increasingly broader consumer audience curious and interested in the digital world.

The new website, created by the interdisciplinary design studio Adoratorio, is not only a useful information tool on wines and vineyards, but is proposed as a place to discover the values ​​and insights of the cellar and everyone can build their own personal experience in the brand. A good example of this is the landing page, which is a real 3D space, which presents the world of Pasqua Vini and where the user can move freely.

The navigation menu is simple and intuitive, information is collected in schematic structures that make exploration easier, from historical posters to icons, to a virtual visit to the cellar, exploring the vineyards, passing through the many collaborations that see Easter wine to dialogue with the new interpreters of contemporary art. The color palette is set in neutral and earthy tones, as a visual union of the contemporaneity of the cellar language and at the same time a nod to the beginning of it all, namely the vineyard.

Riccardo Pasqua, Managing Director of Pasqua Vini, explains: “The new site was an investment, both in terms of the commitment of the internal team who dedicated themselves to the project, and financially, it was an important part of our annual budget. But it was essential to have a digital access portal to the world of Pascua that would appropriately improve the quality of our wines. The research and innovation that defines our wine projects should be the hallmark that also characterizes the entire narrative we develop around them. The digital ecosystem that we have built over the years, consisting of 10 different social platforms for which we develop 6 different editorial plans, is now enriched by the new website which is a primary point of contact for all our partners and end customers.”

Filippo Maria Cipriani, President of Adoratorio continues: “Adoratorio and Pasqua Vini’s will to acquire a surprisingly important site led us to work side by side for about a year and develop together from the creative concept to the architecture of the most technical solutions to the construction of the layout and individual pages. That trusting your partners can lead to great results.”

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