The new Mini Cooper, it’s like driving a kart: light and agile, being behind the wheel has never been more fun

The Mini Cooper is an iconic car that debuted in 1959. Since then, the MINI brand has become synonymous with style, innovation and driving pleasure. The new Mini Cooper is no exception: with its handling and agility, you feel like you’re driving a small car.

The all-electric Mini Cooper SE It is the new frontier of technological innovation And driving pleasure. The BMW Group, owner of the Mini marque, has used its automotive expertise to create a car that offers an unparalleled driving experience. Mini Cooper SE Rigorously tested to ensure it delivers the same excitement that made the Mini brand famous.

Thanks to the maximum torque available from low revs, the Mini Cooper SE Offers fast acceleration and no exchange delayswhich ensures stn A dynamic and engaging driving experience BMW Group test drivers put the Cooper E and SE through their paces in the lab, on the road and on private racetracks to verify that future electric versions deliver the same excitement as the internal combustion versions.

The Mini Cooper SE is equipped with a high-voltage lithium-ion battery installed in the floor to ensure this Optimal road holding and weight distributionWith increased vehicle stability and agility. The battery capacity has been increased compared to the previous version. With a battery of 40.7 kWh in the Cooper E and 54.2 kWh in the Cooper SEby giving new models Its range is between 300 and 400 km.

“Mini Cooper SE: the electric car that offers emotions similar to those of the internal combustion version”

Also, the Mini Cooper SE Equipped with a wide range of advanced technologiesincluding the touchscreen infotainment system, system High quality sound and a number of functions Driving assistancesuch as traction control and system automatic braking.

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BMW Group test drivers put the Cooper E and SE through their paces in the lab, on the road and on private racetracks to verify that Future electric versions offer the same vibes From internal combustion versions.


Mini Cooper: a unique driving experience between innovation and tradition

Also, a Mini Cooper It is equipped with a highly accurate and sensitive steering system. This steering system allows the driver to feel the road and respond with great precision to curves and directions of the road. Get behind the wheel of a Mini Cooper It’s like driving a kartwith a feeling of complete control of the machine.

The all-electric future of the Mini will be completed by Aceman As of 2024. The Mini Cooper SE represents an interesting option for those who want an ecological and sustainable car, without giving up the driving pleasure that only the Mini Cooper can offer. The Mini Cooper SE is a car that embodies innovation and traditionIt offers a unique and engaging driving experience.

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