The new gameplay video reveals that

Capcom first demonstrated Resident Evil Village in an old generic version via a New survival horror gameplay video captured on PlayStation 4 Pro. Particularly attentive users discovered some interesting details found in the video in question.

As noted by a user “Wears Barry” on Twitter, during the game play the wording appeared on the screen.Skips / Put pictures, Which seems to confirm the addition of two new options regarding the game scenes. So gamers who want to be around during their games seem to better enjoy the settings and scrutinize the characters in their deepest details. They will be able to enjoy themselves by using Photo Mode (We don’t know if it will, likely, also be available for the regular gameplay stages.)

In addition, the Scenes can be skipped, Which was not possible to do during Resident Evil 7; One aspect that has frustrated many users who decide to do more than one round of survival horror focuses on the horrific extravagance of the Baker family.

In short, it remains excellent news for those eagerly awaiting the arrival Resident Evil Village, Which will make its official debut on May 8 on PC, PlayStation 5, and Xbox Series X | S, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and Google Stadia. For all details of the case, we refer you to us Preview of Resident Evil Village.

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