The new face of Punto Tim in Piazza Gibaldi

TIM chose Parma as the first city in Emilia-Romagna – and one of the first in Italy – to give impetus to a redesign plan of its recently launched “mono-brand” stores on a national scale.
In fact, the new TIM store located in Piazza Garibaldi, in the heart of the city, opened today, in the presence of Mayor Federico Pizzarotti and TIM North East Sales Director Paolo Malgarotto. The space has been the company’s reference point for citizenship for nearly thirty years, originally as a public telephone station and later as a store.

After recent renovations, the TIM Store presents itself in a completely renewed look, with a new concept and larger rooms to offer a better welcome to customers, and spreads over an area of ​​about 100 square metres. The novelty of the design is given by the suggestive path that the customer can take in the different areas dedicated to products and services. The new design aims to enhance the characteristics of a digital company such as TIM, which cares about the environment (there are many solutions that call for the store’s ecological footprint, from electronic labels to digitally transmitted business information on many LCD and non-LCD displays.. with flyers and window stickers) and with a rich selection A lot of offers (fixed, mobile, TIMVISION, smart home, gaming and 5G).
The store has three employees who can be contacted to sign TIM contracts, receive assistance and obtain information on all the group’s products and services.

The launch of this new type of store, which will be gradually introduced throughout the country at the points of sale of the TIM Retail business network, is a clear sign of the company’s closeness to the citizens of Parma and the value that TIM recognizes in developing the realities and regions in which it operates.

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