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The New Era of Anthony Albanese’s Work in Australia

In the recent federal elections to renew the House of Representatives (in office for 3 years) and the half of the Senate (in office for 6 years), the victory of Italian-born Labor Anthony Albanese (the first non-Anglo-Saxon Prime Minister in Australian history) can be considered the most change that could be made. You ever imagine it. That’s because the son of an Irish immigrant grew up in a humble council house that was elected but able to rise to the highest peaks because the opportunities for social advancement in that country are there and working.

For the first time in a Western democratic election, climate and climate change were central to the campaign trail, affecting the outcome: The Conservative government was dispatched to Scott Morrison, the coal prime minister, who helped sabotage the convention. Head of the United Nations in Glasgow making Australia a climate rogue country. The historic victory of the Labor Party was after nine years in the opposition, but the slow gradual decline in the traditional party consensus recorded since 1987, which fell from 90% to 74% in 2019 to 68% of this round, caused a landslide for the party. The traditional political framework that always seems to be the same with colleges and widely predictable candidates.

There was a strong hemorrhage in the votes that the Greens absorbed to the point of 12% and the independents, the so-called green and blue “teal”, who, with environmental protection as their top programmatic priority, got 10 seats in the room. High-quality, high-quality female candidates have driven conservatives from their wealthier and safer urban and suburban colleges for generations, where they are seen as a hindrance to climate change within the party and with allies.

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On the other hand, the voter turnout has always been high at around 90% but in Australia the right to vote has been compulsory since 1924 on pain of fines if not complied with!

This new Parliament will best reflect the modern, multicultural and multiracial Australian society by representing a variety of diversities: having 38% women in the House of Representatives and 57% in the Senate; The number of Asian Australians increased from 4 to 9; Of the country’s first inhabitants (indigenous people) whose number increased from 6 to 10, and 13 made up of non-indigenous and non-European backgrounds, 10 of them were women.

The new government will also have an innovative appearance, to the point of making the Albanian prime minister say by introducing the team that it is “overflowing with talent”. He was proud to appoint a record number of women, 10 out of 23 Cabinet members and three out of seven in the Foreign Office, as well as 6 out of 12 female undersecretaries (so-called Parliamentary Assistants) with a total of 19 women on Team 42.

It would be a majority government in the House where it was formed that would be able to count on 77 seats out of a total of 151. While in the Senate, it would not get the necessary 39 votes, but only 26 votes, it would have in order to legislate, constantly negotiating with the Greens to get 12 votes plus a few other parties or with the alliance (The Liberals and the National Liberal Party)

It is transformative because the Prime Minister, Albanese, reaffirmed at the first post-election meeting of the Party Executive a commitment on behalf of his government to implement, indeed in this mandate, “Uluru statement“With a constitutional change by referendum so that ‘the presence of an indigenous voice’ in Parliament is no longer subject to the whims of the present government.” The Aboriginal community will finally be able to make it heard

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The question of “indigenous” Australians is one of the most striking and least mentioned cases of outright racism in recent history, moreover in a country with a reputation for being a liberal attentive to the rights and liberties of its citizens who, however. They and still exclude the indigenous people, who until 1967 were governed by the legislation on plants and animals even if they were granted the right to vote in 1963. To add to the shame for 60 years and until the 1970s, children born from mixed marriages were removed from the parents causing the phenomenon of “generation The Stolen Generation with the consequent loss of self and cultural identity. In 1967, in a positive referendum, they were granted full Australian citizenship with related rights. It was only in 2008 that Labour’s Kevin Rudd publicly apologized to Aboriginal people for all their suffering and losses, opening the door to a reconciliation that did not receive the follow-up it deserved.

The newly elected Albanian is trying to resume the broken path by assigning three different political figures the task of creating consensus among the regions, citizens and political forces to get this constitutional change through a referendum: Linda Burnie, Australian Indigenous MinisterSenator Malarendery McCarthy Australian Deputy Minister for Indigenous and Indigenous Health and Senator Pat Dodson, who was hailed as the “Father of Reconciliation,” with the non-ministerial role Special Envoy for Reconciliation and Implementation of the Uluru Declaration.

Last but not least, for the first time in its history, the government has decided to appoint Matt Thistlethwaite Republic Prosecutor To check the terms of another referendum after the failure of 1999, one lost 55% of the vote and transformed the now archaic Australian parliamentary monarchy headed by the Queen of England into a republic which the Albanian prime minister once described as “inevitable”. Today, with a large number of non-English-speaking immigrants (Italian Greeks, Asian Ukrainians), the association with London represented in Canberra by the Governor-General has so little influence on Australian affairs that it has no reason to exist. This appointment was welcomed by the advocates of the Movement for the Australian Republic, and among its founders we would like to remember Senator Franca Arena, the first woman of Italian descent to be elected in 1981 to the Australian Parliament, New South Wales. A bold and arduous program full of obstacles and difficulties. Good luck, Prime Minister of Albania!

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