The new electric scooter that transforms into a rickshaw: the “Made in Italy” revolution has begun

The perfect vehicle for getting around town has arrived, and the brand’s customers are no longer excited: now foreign countries no longer have a monopoly on electric scooters. Here’s where to buy it and how much to get.

Electric bikes They revolutionized In the Good and bad The concept of urban mobility perhaps in a permanent way but not many brands have such an intuition as this Italian house: it seems that the brand will be able to revolutionize the way we move on these particular scooters, provided of course that customers give the right result.

The new electric scooter is really impressive (Ansa) –

The most comfortable thing about electric scooters is beyond the fact that you can Rent all over the country Certainly their relatively low cost compared to scooters and motorcycles is the ease of transport: you can put one in the trunk of your car if it’s large enough or perhaps carry it by hand where commuting on two wheels isn’t a good idea.

But what do you think if a brand finds a way to make transporting these vehicles more comfortable? The answer to your prayers is called To Move, an Italian app to start revolutionizing the already very modern world of electric scooters with a really interesting product We’re about to find out Too close.

You carry it under your arm

An electric scooter that folds back on itself becomes to all influences More sophisticated than a suitcase, this is the revolutionary idea of ​​the Italian brand that has presented its project on social networks that has thousands of enthusiasts ready to spend their money on this interesting vehicle. The materials used are nothing short of amazing.

The To Move brand project can be followed on the company’s social networks (Instagram) –

Equipped with a 500KW battery electric motor, the mini scooter is completely foldable and stable He thinks To a bamboo version that’s lighter and easier to carry. The car is equipped with a pair of efficient disc brakes but above all it has a range of 50 km and can be recharged at any household outlet.

The project will officially start on June 6th and will be funded Even from donations On Kickstarter to follow the brand. The fully electric scooter weighs only about twenty kilograms, according to the project managers, and will continue to make our cities more sustainable and confirm Made in Italy in a really dynamic sector.

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