The new BMW X4 2022-2023, a first-class SUV but at the same time practical and comfortable

BMW Redesigns X4 2022-2023 With flat lights, redesigned shields and new grille. The BMW X4 is recognizable from the front by a specific grille.

The design of the rear is simplified by a larger painted surface and by moving the reflectors downward. A black element in the shape of a diffuser can add a sporty feel if you choose the M package.

  • Between practicality and comfort: Bmw X4 2022-2023

  • Bmw X4 2022-2023, Fun SUV Reviews and Considerations

Between practicality and comfort: Bmw X4 2022-2023

L ‘Interior of the BMW X4 2022-2023 It has been re-engineered to adopt the interior design of the latest 4 Series Coupe. The center touch screen measures 10.25 inches diagonally from the primary end.

At the top of the range, this screen rises to 12.3 inches and a digital dashboard of the same size is presented. It should be noted that the head-up display is available as an option. The central island that houses the transportation controls has also been modified.

The refurbished X4 can be equipped with Driving assistant professional Which includes improved adaptive city cruise control, autonomous emergency braking at intersections and more efficient lane-keeping assist than before.

there BMW X4 Engine Range It hasn’t changed except that the xDrive30i petrol engine is now a small hybrid like the diesel blocks. An electric starter generator powered by a dedicated 48V circuit allows you to benefit from a temporary boost of 11 HP with lower consumption. XDrive all-wheel drive and an eight-speed automatic transmission are standard on all trim levels.

The starter petrol engine It is still offered by the X4 xDrive30i which loses 7 hp to offer 245. The X4 xDrive M40i still offers 360 hp. The X4 M Competition remains powerful with its 510 hp twin-cylinder engine and increases the maximum torque from 50 Nm to 650 Nm, which is enough for 0.3 seconds when sprinting from 0 to 100 km / h which takes just 3.8 seconds. In the diesel we find 190 bhp X4 xDrive20d, 286 bhp X4 4xDrive30d and 340 bhp X4 M40d.

Bmw X4 2022-2023, Fun SUV Reviews and Considerations

To reduce the complexity of the scale, and therefore I production costsAnd, increasing the manufacturer’s passing margins, the number of Bmw X4 options 2022-2023 was reduced by about 30%.

under transfer, The equipment is relatively well supplied from the entry level With adaptive headlights in particular, three-zone air conditioning and sports seats. The multimedia system has been improved with the addition of new features, but remains based on version 7 of the BMW operating system, although version 8 was introduced for the iX. Personal assistant voice commands can now be used to open or close windows or change driving modes.

contact with Apple CarPlay and Android Auto It’s been in-depth according to BMW and the Alexa voice assistant is available from Amazon.

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