The new ban comes –

The energy crisis is also affecting ATMs. The new time periods imposed by the government on your credit card are also at risk.

An active state of emergency puts many economic sectors of our country in crisis, among them even banks that are not safe. In particular, ATMs will be affected by the crisis.

Credit card banned at ATM

This winter, Italian cities will have to deal with frequent power outages due to reduced energy availability. This power outage will also affect running ATMs, which could result in some unfortunate people on duty’s credit card being blocked.

Having one of those blackouts happen while we’re retired isn’t all that fun. What do you do in these cases? To understand how to overcome this problem, let’s see together what happens when our card is blocked.

Tax authorities and banks against ATMs

Before seeing the huge risks we face with possible power outages while using an ATM, it is essential to see all the files Very difficult and heavy news related to ATMs.

indeed it is Taxes that banks are gradually closing ATMs across Italy. Across Italy specifically, ATMs are getting fewer and fewer and citizens are finding it difficult to withdraw.

I withdraw money from an ATM

The tax office wants to gradually Close ATMs because they want to fight tax evasion Reduce communication drag. So users are increasingly forced to use digital payments that can be tracked and prevent tax evasion.

Thanks to the superior registration of checking accounts and the use of artificial intelligenceAt any time, the tax officer will be able to check what Italians are doing on the ATMs. So in this moment of very strong controls, the ATM becomes a real eye for the tax officer.

In fact, the tax man is not the only one who wants to limit the use of ATMs Banks want to gradually close physical offices and ATMs to save money.

ATMs have already disappeared in small Italian municipalities, but also in large cities are becoming less and less. But the sting at the ATM is also coming on the commission front.

In fact, to withdraw soon from an ATM, you will have to pay a commission of 1 euro and 50 cents if the bank is not yours. The real blow to the ATM also comes with the power emergency.

blackout risks

Scheduled power shutdown expected soon And the Random or planned power outages can be endless. If the card remains inside the ATM during a power outage Problems can’t be insignificant.

The user may have to wait for the bank to reopen to regain possession of their card. But for safety’s sake, ATMs can go on too Real paper block.

If an abnormal procedure is detected during an ATM withdrawal, For security, the system may also block the card for fear of being cloned or stolen from the bad guys. Therefore, very big problems can arise if you get interrupted while withdrawing from an ATM.

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