The national contract of the Intesa Sanpaolo and Abi banks is divided on renewal –

the previous

A move that created havoc on the eve of redefining the national framework for action. What will happen at this point? Ca’ de Sass will continue to participate – on a permanent invitation agreed with Abi – in the future activities of Casl (today headed by Ilaria Dalla Riva from Unicredit) necessary to prepare and negotiate the renewal of the contract, which expired on December 31 and then extended first until the 28 February and then to April 30th. But he will also conduct direct negotiations “to provide the most appropriate support for our organizational model and the role that Intesa San Paolo plays in our country.” The spokesperson explained that this was in the context of “full guarantee of individual and collective rights”. Ca’ de Sass will represent itself in the renegotiation of Fabi, First-Cisl, Fisac-Cgil and Uilca-Unisin: absolute novelty, never before, but far from the sudden exit of the Fiat Marchionne-run Confindustria, how can one get around . It will be seen from the discussion that the bank led by Carlo Messina will not automatically approve the new contract that Abe and the unions will sign, but will be able to reserve the right to fully approve it or sign a new contract, only partially or not at all. The first technical meeting between Abi and the general unions and slots will take place on March 13th.

Ca de Sas numbers

Of the total 250,000 union contracts with Abe, Intesa with its 72,000 employees accounts for as much as 28.7%. “Intesa Sanpaolo will continue its dialogue with the unions with full respect for their mutual roles, as it has always happened, continuing to regard industrial relations as an essential element in achieving the objectives of the group, in the interest of our people and in the interest of the Bank,” the spokesperson continues. «And he emphasizes the centrality of the contribution of the people of the community; The full guarantee of individual and collective rights will be ensured, over time, as part of the collective bargaining resulting from discussions with representatives of the National Federation and representatives of the Business Federation, to provide the most appropriate support for our organizational model and the role that Intesa Sanpaolo plays in our village. To reach a profit of 6.5 billion in 2025.

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Dad’s position

“In our view, the national contract and the contractual structures defined in it remain central.” This was stated by Giovanni Sabatini, Director General of ABI and Secretary of the Trade Unions and Labor Affairs Committee, after the cancellation of the delegation. «The association – explains – deals with the definition of a national collective labor agreement. Then there are the prospects and business options for individual companies and of course we will not go into these ».

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