The musical “Happy Days” returns to the national stage

After debuting in 2019, it has become a company Saltavus Brings back to the stage Happy days musical Which will be at the Chebanca National Theatre! May 5, 6 and 7.

A show with a libretto by Garry Marshall, words and music by Paul Williams, which takes us back in time to recapture the atmosphere of those typical 50’s and 60’s superstars and charts. The TV series debuted in the United States in 1974 arriving in Italy three years later and instantly becoming a cult.

Happy Days returns to the national stage

With a cast of no less than thirty artists including actors, singers and dancers, Compagnia i Saltafoss, directed by director Adriano Tallarini, offers two hours of great entertainment on the captivating notes of 1950s rock and roll, with a staging that once again brings to life Others on stage are the ambiance and sounds of that era, which are overwhelmingly back in fashion in this recent period.

happy Days
happy Days

Obviously the iconic character of Happy Days was played as Fonzie on the Teatro Nazionale by Davide Procopio.

What will Fonzie look like?
“My Fonzie takes the main characteristics of Fonzie from the TV series while not imitating him but trying to remember him with the utmost respect and in the funniest way possible.”

Did you know Happy Days before joining the cast of this musical?
“As a kid, I used to watch it on Sunday mornings. It’s the TV series par excellence, it really depopulated it. It was great for us to bring such famous characters to the stage as Fonzie, Howard, Arnold, Ricky and all the others ».

Why does he continue to please nearly 50 years after his TV debut?
“Happy days are still loved because they bring so many memories. When families gathered in front of the TV at dinner time. It gave half an hour of togetherness and fun.”

What can we say about music?
We will find the songs of the original music translated into Italian, while the legendary abbreviation remains in the original language, regardless of the first stanza. The choreography is done by Martina Massa while our vocal coach is Davide Taglinto ».

Is there a character you would like to play in the future?
“I love The Phantom of the Opera. I just visited London and it was an incredible feeling to see him on stage there. For me it is the music of musicals. The ghost is a very difficult character, but my dream is to take him on stage.”

From May 5 to 7
CheBanca National Theater!
Via Rota 1, Milan
Tickets: from 20 euros

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