The movie “Nomadland”, which has won three Oscars, is available on Disney +

Chloé Zhao won Best Picture, Director and Lead Actress

As expected, the night Oscar 2021 Won BedouinWho will receive the main awards: Best Film, Best Director, and Best Actress.

director Chloe Chow She is the second woman to receive this recognition, after Catherine Bigelow with Pain locker (2009) and first Asian. The movie will be available On Disney + starting April 30. Here is the plot and some behaviors in the movie The Moment.

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Plot and trophies

For best mini movie statue ever, the competition was really fierce: In fact, the nominations included Father, Judas and Black Christ, Mank, Minary, Promising Woman, Sound of Metal, and Chicago Trial 7. Bedouin She beat everyone, and won Oscars thanks to her exceptional and young director, McDormand (Best Actress Award), David Stratairn, and many more unprofessional actors.

But what is it like Bedouin? After losing her husband and her job during the Great Recession, 60-year-old Fern leaves Empire, Nevada. Vern wants to cross the western US in his truck, go from job to job and live a nomadic life. On his way are friends, freedoms and experiences.

In addition to the well-deserved three Academy Awards, Bedouin He has already won the Golden Lion at the 77th Venice International Film Festival and the Golden Globe Award for Best Drama and Best Director.

Some curiosity about Bedouin

Bedouin It tells of the American Nomadic community and is “a reminder of America’s deep roots.” The film allowed the lead actress, Frances McDormand, to claim the third Academy Award in her career after the one that was in 1997 about Fargo And in 2018 for Three posters in Epping, Missouri.

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With this award, 39-year-old director Chloe Chow, who was born in Beijing, is the second woman in history, the first of Asian descent, to win an Oscar for Best Director after Kathryn Bigelow. “I have been thinking a lot lately about how to move forward when things get tough. Growing up in China with my father I was learning classic Chinese texts, and some poems, I remember one whose first sentence says“ People at birth are good at their core. ” I still believe that today. This Oscar is dedicated to all those who have faith and courage to maintain their belief in the good in themselves and in others despite the difficulties, “the director said, before accepting the award that she subsequently devoted to the” steadfastness and kindness “of the Bedouins.

Zhao wrote, directed, co-produced and edited her film. The project was born from the meeting of Frances McDormand and Chloe at the 2018 Independent Spirit Awards, in which they were both nominees. The movie was filmed in the fall of 2018. It was only announced in February 2019, with Fox Searchlight Pictures purchasing the US distribution rights.

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