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The last of us It would also become a TV series created in collaboration between Sony and HBO. Previously, however, a film adaptation of the game was under discussion. That release finally failed, says Neil Druckman – co-director of The Last of Us – ever since The movie was a lot about the action.

Druckmann said on the Script Apart podcast, “When I was working on the version of the movie, a lot of ideas pointed to ‘How do we make it bigger? How do we make each part bigger? “. It was unsuccessful with The Last of Us I think that is the reason why the film failed in the end. ”

He then explains that The Last of Us, as a video game, includes multiple combat scenes, as it is part of its gameplay structure. However, the story is more indirect than that of a blockbuster Hollywood movie. However, switching to the TV series format allowed the team to return to their original intentions.

The last of us
The last of us

Our approach in The Last of Us was, “Let’s do an independent movie.” Let’s treat it like an independent film crew, the way it is directed, and the fact that it looks very intimate. With the show we have a way to work that way because we don’t have to enter that many action sequences Like the video game. Certain mechanisms are used in the game to give rhythm to the adventure. You must test yourself with these mechanisms from time to time, you must have enough numbers to train yourself to benefit from certain mechanisms, but we can eliminate all of this part [dalla serie TV] Because we are in a different environment. We can exploit all the strengths of this medium. ”

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Hence, the most exciting aspect of the game would only risk ruining the story and taking time for character development. So The Last of Us was a very classic producer, an action movie that did not respect the roots of the saga. On the other hand, it seems that the problem is not present in the TV series.

Plus, we found out that the draft of The Last of Us 3 story was already ready.

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