The most searched DJs online in Italy and in the world

NYX draws an interactive ranking of popular names on the web and enters the specific country by country

With the nightlife, the broadcast groups, the suggestion of some festivals and recording activities, slowly, but very slowly, we are getting back to normal in terms of DJs. Fans and club goers are back on the web in search of news in search of their favorite DJs. The NYX website looked at research data on the network’s most popular DJs in 2021, revealing the most popular places and where.

The top 3 searched DJs in Italy are Afrojack, David Guetta and Eiffel 65. Guetta, with 7,762,860 searches, has been in the search rankings for years now and performs all over the planet, so it’s no wonder it’s number one worldwide. On the other hand, Calvin Harris ranks second with 4,147,960 searches. Martin Garrix comes in third, with 4,108,190 searches.

NYX In-Depth Study It not only provides a complete list of top 10 most searched artists on the web, but also examines the details of the different countries it passes through. interactive map. So the lights are always on, always on the Guetta. For decades, the French language has been in the whirlwind that stirred the entire entertainment world. It has amassed over 10 billion streams on YouTube and Spotify and has also been number one in the world multiple times in our top 100 sites.

Guetta ranks first in 19 countries and in the top three for all countries surveyed, with the exception of the United Kingdom and the United States. In the UK, Fat Boy Slim took first place, followed by Scotsman Calvin Harris and then Guetta. The favorite American candidate is Calvin Harris, who defeated the American Bassnectar and the Canadian Deadmau5. In the Netherlands, Martin Garrix takes first place, then Afrojack and Guetta. On the other hand, Prodigy is on top in Egypt.

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