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The most remote inhabited island in Shetland

Lost in the Atlantic, in ShetlandThere’s a fairytale-like island, the most remote inhabited area off the coast of Scotland: we’re talking about beola, about thirty residents and many dowries whose number far exceeds the number of people.

A place away from stress, from the bustling city life, one of that natural paradise where you can still connect with yourself and with the most authentic nature.

Little Ponies Island

The main feature of Foula is the presence of hundreds of cute little pony, originated in the region, with a very smooth and thick coat, short legs and a very sweet and peaceful character.

These typical Scottish ponies, bred since the Bronze Age, show remarkable intelligence, so much so that in the past they were trained to guide humans.

Today they are a magnet for anyone who decides to come to this still unspoiled corner of the world and welcome hugs and caresses.

Various animals

But cute ponies aren’t the only animals that inhabit Voula: the remote island, in fact, houses one A wealth of animals and plants higher than the other islands of the archipelago.

In fact, if we pay attention to the etymology, the word “Foula” in Old Norse has the meaning of “bird island” and it is no coincidence: many species of birds live and nest here including Fulmaro, Pulcinella di Mare and Alca Turda.

But not only that: to keep the ponies trotting freely, there are also herding dogs, flocks of long-haired sheep, seals, and whales off the coast.

Life in Fula: Nature and Tradition

Here the lives of a few residents, farmers and herders quietly flow in a Rustic and idyllic place Which is hard to imagine anywhere else, on remote farms nestled in swamps of moss.

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Among the green grasslands, cliffs and scenery that leave you speechless, the islanders are mainly concentrated in the two small villages, Important hometown, and they lead an existence still bound by tradition: just think, for example, that they did not adhere to the New Gregorian calendar and here Celebrates Christmas on the 6th of January While the new year falls on January 13th.

bean There are no stores (not even basic necessities) restaurants and bars but only a post office, bed and breakfast and a few homes for rent to tourists. There is no internet and tourists have to bring everything they need with them.

In short, nothing superfluous, but only what matters for a peaceful everyday life in the heart of nature.

unusual view

The coast on the north side of the island, in particular, has a disarming beauty.

Here, in fact, stands out GardaA huge pile of triceps lapped by ocean waves, bringing out the excitement da camVoula’s prime bird nesting site, in a truly scenic spot among the highest cliffs in Europe.

How to reach the foula

The island is perfect for nature lovers, bird watchers, and anyone who wants to learn about an unpolluted environment and enjoy the great outdoors experience.

Getting to it, however, is not easy: they just leave Two trips a week While the ferry sails when the wind and sea conditions are perfect.

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