The most popular content on Facebook, according to Facebook (in the US) –

Menlo Park’s new report on the most viewed posts. In the next few months it should reach the rest of the world

In the quarterly report of Facebook social networking site On the application of community standards – ie: platform rules – there is a novelty: Page List and Most viewed posts
, at the moment only in the United States. The goal of the social network appears to be to provide data that refutes claims of promoting disinformation or polarizing content. One of the most recent attacks in this sense came from Joe Biden: Platforms of this type “kill people” I have announced The President of the United States, lobbied for false news about vaccines (in the second quarter of 2021 Menlo Park removed 20 million pieces of content violating Covid-related disinformation policies from Facebook and Instagram). Also in the US, New York Times journalist Kevin Rose publishes a weekly ranking of America’s top performing link posts, highlighting how to comment and share more on the content on the right. Roose uses Crowdangle data: a Facebook tool that is based on interactions (comments and shares, in fact) and according to Facebook itself can give a distorted view of what’s actually bouncing on the platform. New arrangement On the other hand, Menlo Park is about the most viewed content (not clicked, commented, or shared: watched only). In the coming months it should extend to the rest of the worldWhere 80% of social network users live. Now in the list of stars and stripes More than twenty posts viewed There’s a mix of games, photos, graphics, and propaganda videos (eg: “Write a sad story… in just four words.” In sixth place is a post from Biden on April 29: “100 Days and America Gets Back on Track.” Content that is no longer available takes up the third step of the platform.

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