The most exciting adventures in Qatar

Qatar 365 has seen some of the most adrenaline-pumping experiences in the emirate. Mangrove kayaking, paragliding, and indoor adventure parks to cool off from the summer heat: thrill seekers have many options to choose from.

Kayaking in the mangroves

When the tide is high enough, kayaking is the best way to view the mangroves of Qatar. More and more thrill seekers are entering the water in hopes of spotting birds, enjoying nature and gorgeous sunsets. The mangroves in the Al-Thukira area are among the greenest places in Qatar. Plants benefit from the rapid rise of the tides. This area is rich in fish and birds. It is also the perfect place for water sports, and is an outdoor playground that offers kayak and paddle board tours.

Many visitors, like Melanie Dunn, return after their first kayak tour: “It’s one of my favorite things here, because you can see the beautiful mangroves and be outdoors.”

Absolute thrill inside

In one of the largest malls in Qatar, Doha Festival City, there are some indoor entertainment venues, such as Angry Birds World, the first of its kind in the world: 17,500 square meters of pure entertainment to make visitors forget the desert heat. The idea comes from Talal bin Mohammed bin Khalifa Al-Attiyah, president and owner of Leisure Qatar, which aims to make Qatar appear on the international entertainment map.

Inside, there are a number of attractions to choose from. The park features the country’s first indoor and outdoor mini racetrack, with a length of 250 metres. When it’s evening or in the cooler months, the outdoor section is ideal if you want to hike sixty meters in a second and a half. In Snow Dunes you can experience exciting adventures in the snow: here the temperature does not exceed four degrees below zero.

Qatar’s first lightweight pilot

Reem Al Kathiri is the first Qatari woman to fly a lightweight aircraft. He made his first solo trip ten years ago and then decided to get an international license in the UK. He loves flying light planes, which weigh less than 600kg, but he also loves paragliding: “With these gliders, you feel like you’re flying. The perspective from the top is really different, it makes you want to go higher. Plus, this activity makes you on the Connect with people from all over the world and discover their culture.”

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