The most beautiful private floating sauna in the world where relaxation is guaranteed

As we know, travel opens the mind, allows you to immerse yourself in experiences that in some cases become unique and unforgettable, which is perhaps one of the main reasons why fans of the genre seek it to add a touch of variety to the monotony of every day. Just as it can happen to those who venture inside the “Big Branzino,” the floating sauna invented in Stockholm, Sweden.

Big C Bass
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“Big Branzino”: where is the information and characteristics

There are many reasons to travel around the world from north to south and east to west, and surely one of them is to spend a few hours indoors. “Big C Bass”The floating sauna of dreams.

In fact, it is a structure whose function can also be that of the dwelling in which he lives. However, inside there is a spa and a so-called floating dream sauna. Defined because it allows those who attempt it to be able to completely detach themselves from reality, being propelled into a dimension of total relaxation in the middle of the Baltic Sea in an archipelago Stockholm.

The structure designed by the skilled craftsman She is Pearson It is made of wood and rests on a floating platform with large windows through which guests can enjoy the undisputed nature around. Positioned in the center of the platform, the sauna allows users to enjoy a moment of well-being, especially during the winter, when the heat enclosed within the walls of this suggestive structure contrasts with the cold arctic days. Furthermore it, “Big C Bass” It is also equipped with a bathroom with shower, a lounge and a panoramic balcony from which the gaze is lost in the horizon of the twilight sky at sunset or at dawn, which marks the beginning of a new day and a new amazing and exciting experience.

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