The most beautiful ice skating rinks in Europe

The bitter temperatures provide an exciting winter skiing activity.
Regardless of whether it is on natural or artificial slopes, outdoors or indoors, true fans cannot miss the opportunity to experience the thrill of snowboarding in one The most beautiful ice skating rinks in Europe Such as: the one in Paris in the Art Nouveau style, called the “Ice Dream” in Vienna or the Estonian dream that rises directly on the waters of the Baltic Sea.

A Parigi nel Grand Palais des Glaces

When making a list of the most beautiful skating rinks in Europe, one can’t help but start at the Great Ice Palace in Paris.
The Grand Ice Palace It was built markingThe World’s Fair of 1900 To show the whole world the splendor of French architecture.
In addition to being one of the oldest of these trails, it is also The largest ice rink in the world Which preserves its visitors not only the magic of ice and the charm of the wonderful glass and steel structure but also the nearby Champs Elysees, which you pass before entering the rink.

Snowboarding has become a very popular activity in France and to keep up with the times every night during the nightly opening at the Grand Palais des Glaces there are special events and light shows accompanied Performances by famous DJs, Parties bearing the name slow music.

“Ice dream” in Vienna

Vienna Ice DreamVienna Ice Dream This is the name of the path found on Rathaus Platz, la City Hall Square in Vienna His name can be translated as “Ice dreamJust to unequivocally repeat how it is one of the most beautiful ice skating rinks in Europe.

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Vienna is the kingdom of winter par excellence and with 8000 square meters of track And a path through the park, the Wiener Eistraum is configured as two different paths that are connected to each other by some paths crossed by a bridge for those who, while not skiing, do not want to miss the slope hiking.

Vienna Ice Dream is one of the largest artificial outdoor ice rinks in the world The path is spread over two levels. A special attraction, in fact, is Sky RinkAnd the Ski terrace on the first floor With a slope of 120 meters.

In Italy at the Courmayeur Sports Center

Crystal HallRemain within Italian borders Courmayeur Sports Center Val d’Aosta is without a doubt one of the most beautiful ice skating rinks in Europe.
The track is open all year except in May and consists of a 60 x 30 meter loop surrounding it 3000 seats.
From the stands you can watch Training of many local and international athletes Taking place here, in fact, although in Italy skiing is not a widespread sport, here are some award-winning Italian athletes in figure skating andIce hockey They try themselves in their own workouts and in National and international competitions.

Courmayeur Sports Center is a sports center with a total area of ​​180 square meters, in addition to skiing, you can practice tennis, futsal, indoor golf, squash, skateboarding, spinning, Pilates, modern dance, and many other things; Plus, it also features cool features Ice bar.

The Eden Project in Cornwall

Somerset HouseIn the United Kingdom, skiing during holidays has become a tradition and skating rinks appear all over the country and in any kind of location, in London every area in the city has its own skating rink, and one of these recommended places to visit is Somerset House Which takes its name from one of the most moving buildings in the city and in its shadow.

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The Cornwall Eden ProjectIn the southwest of the UK in Cornwall Alternatively you can ski inThe Eden ProjectA charming environment surrounded by trees, plants and colorful lights.
In fact, in addition to the ice rink, Eden Project also hosts two Dynamic domesTwo greenhouses they come in I slept more 100,000 plants Coming from all over the world and from completely different climates, from the Mediterranean to the tropics, without forgetting the “garden” located outside occupies ¾ of the entire surface of the complex as it hosts artistic and educational facilities that allow visitors to discover the characteristics of the plants that grow here on Throughout the year.

The ice rink was built in 2004 and welcomes 100,000 skiers every year That the rink also plows thanks to the skating courses offered for children but also for adults and children Disabled.

Skiing on the Baltic Sea in Estonia

Difficult in you Estoniaad Hapsalu, Small Citizen of Estonian Located a hundred kilometers from Tallinn, there is a small lake Hypothetical fee, Which freezes during the winter, to become a beautiful natural skating rink that offers a truly suggestive experience because it is definitely not every day Ski on the Baltic Sea.

In the winter months, in fact, the Baltic Sea coasts freeze over and the small-town lake that connects to the bay offers more adventurous skiers a chance to experience these unique emotions.
Yes why Skiing on this sea of ​​natural ice has become an almost extreme sportIn fact, it is a good idea to check the condition of the rink and the quality of the ice and remember that it is a rink at least for mid-level skiers which is not recommended for those with health problems.

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Other extreme sports practiced here are cross country skiing andSnow sailingMoreover, the track as well as free access remains open to the public 24 hours a day thanks to the Elders Night lighting Available to athletes.

Skiing in the Netherlands

FlevOniceSome of the most beautiful European ice skating rinks are in the Netherlands: FlevOnice Biddinghuizen was opened in 2007 at the request of a family with a passion for skiing and for itSnowboarding tour. Today the track 3 kilometers long It is equipped with a playground, restaurant and go-kart track.

In the Netherlands, skiing has become one of the main entertainment in the winter, so much so that even schools have a few days off Snow holidays, Ice vacations which also include participation in the Snow Tour which includes 11 Dutch cities with a total of 200 km of slopes.

Skiing on the museum squareEven in Amsterdam, the skating rinks could not be missing and even if Skate straight on the canals This is not always possible because the temperatures needed to ski are not safely reached each year, as other possibilities are offered to residents and visitors.
For example, it can Snowboarding in Museum Square in AmsterdamAnd the Museum Square, Surrounded by the Van Gogh Museum, City Hall, and other historic landmarks of the city.

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