The mosquito that resists the cold

After all, this is not the first time. Even the tiger mosquito is not native to our country, but it comes from Asia and is now found throughout Europe. The introduction of exotic animal and plant species is an ever-increasing phenomenon.

Researchers from the University of Milan collected about 6,000 larvae and hundreds of mosquito eggs from small ponds, artificial tanks and containers. Several of these insects have been identified as belonging to the species Aedes koreicus.

“Korean mosquitoes are endemic in Japan, in northern China, in South Korea and in some areas of Russia. It was first reported in Italy in 2011 in Belluno province, at altitudes and climatic conditions unsuitable for the survival of most mosquito species. Since then reports have increased in Northern Italy. We confirm that this mosquito, unlike the well-known “sisters” of the genus Aedes, such as the tiger mosquito, tolerates low temperatures very well, to the point that it has already colonized a large mountainous mountainous region of Veneto and Trentino “explains Sarah Ibis, Professor of the Department of Science Biological and Research Coordinator.

The researchers point out that studies need to be intensified not only because these insects are troublesome but also because they can be carriers of disease-causing viruses.

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