The more abs, the more weight you gain?

Every time you finish exercising you always work your abs. Which one is totally correct but doing abdominal exercises makes you lose weight? The more abdominal muscles you get, the more weight you gain? Let’s see right away whether it’s true or false, and if it’s false, let’s see what exercises are really needed to lose belly fat that strengthen the abdominal muscles instead.

The more abs, the more weight you gain?

Unfortunately, performing your abs doesn’t make you lose weight, what you often hear is a false myth: The more abdominal muscles you exercise, the more sculptures you have goodbye bacon. If you do stomach exercises, you will have a sculpted build but it does not make you lose weight.

Working the abdominal muscles increases the tension and strength of the abdominal muscles by improving posture, but they are not the correct exercises for losing the fat that covers this area. Also, exercising the abdominal muscles every day is not beneficial, because these muscles too, like other muscles, need rest. So it is best to train them two or three times a week.

What makes you lose weight then?

The real weight loss exercises are the aerobic exercises. For example running, cycling and walking as well. But when doing these exercises, it is important not to perform them at very high rates. For example, if you run at very intense levels, what will burn is the same Sugars, Which gives energy. The correct move is to run at the same moderate speed for about 40 minutes. Then yes, the fat will be burned.

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It is clear that a very important part is provided by feeding. In fact, to lose weight, it is essential to combine the right kind of training with the right diet, preferably done by a registered dietitian or dietician. In fact, these specialists will create a customized diet based on the client’s build and requests.


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