“The moon could have formed in a matter of hours,” the supercomputer simulated

Material from Earth and a Mars-sized object that exploded directly into orbit after collision: Moon formation in video simulation

Simulation by NASA and Durham University He proposes a different theory of the origin of the moon: It may have formed within a few hours, when material from the Earth and an object the size of Mars exploded directly into orbit after a collision. simulation used in this research Among the most detailed of its kindperforms at the highest fidelity of any simulation conducted to study the origins of the Moon or other giant influences.

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Some information on our satellite

It is the brightest and largest object in our night sky the moon. It is essential to life Land: Controlling the vibration of our planet’s axis makes the climate relatively stable. It also causes tides, creating a “rhythm” that has guided humanity for thousands of years. The Moon is the only place, besides the Earth, where man has “set foot” so far (thanks Apollo program). It is the only natural satellite to be called simply “the moon” Because the existence of other moons was not known until Galileo Galilei discovered four orbiting satellites Jupiter in 1610.

It has a radius of 1,737 kilometers, Our satellite is less than a third as wide as Earth It orbits at an average distance of 384,400 km from our planet. This means that 30 Earth-sized planets can fit between two celestial bodies. The moon rotates on itself at the same speed as it revolves around the Earth (synchronous rotation): That’s why one hemisphere is always visible.

Changing lighting is why, from our point of view, the moon goes through phases. During a “full moon,” it is the entire hemisphere of the moon that we can see from Earth It is illuminated by the sun. And the “new moon” occurs when the visible hemisphere is completely in shadow. The moon makes one complete orbit around the Earth 27 Earth days. At the same time, the Earth also rotates on its axis as it revolves around the Sun: for this reason, our satellite appears to circle us every 29 days. in greek mythology, Selene was the goddess of the moonDaughter of Hyperion E Thea and sister of Helios and Eos (respectively the Sun and Aurora). Celine was a pretty woman with a pale face They are all dressed in silver She is represented with a crescent moon on her head and a torch in her hand.

Cover photo courtesy of NASA/Durham University/Jacob Kegeris

source: NASA

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