The model recalls lighting for the E3 2018 demo –

Cyberpunk 2077 On PC, it’s clearly really kind of a playground for depositors, who are indulging in customizations for the new CD Projekt RED title, as this specifically demonstrates modern Who restoreslight View in the famous demo dell’E3 2018.

To activate the options provided by the mod, many modron Files found unused Inside the game code, thus recreating the settings that the developers used in the E3 2018 demo, those that according to Jason Schreier’s report on Cyberpunk 2077 were completely wrong, even if it was about the CD Projekt RED issue and then explain how things went in his official response.

In any case, the demonstration in question was distinguished by a special and somewhat different lighting from that which would normally appear in the game, which can be restored with Lighting adjustment To download from Nexus modFor those who know how to use these tools.

It is, in essence, one Various adjusting values Applied to the lighting and visualization of Cyberpunk 2077, which could also be executed with commands capable of operating in the game but initially caused problems. On the other hand, the new mod should represent a safer way to change these settings to light.

Among the other Cyberpunk 2077 mods that have appeared recently there are those that allow you to compose a real party and those that allow you to play in the third person, just to give some examples.

Cyberpunk 2077 E32018 Trailer 01

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