The mod allows you to play it in HD and with modern characters –

The modern Satsuki Yatoshi or SYW lets you run the PC version of Final Fantasy VII In high definition and with me Modern personalities, And the fulfillment of the dream of many players in one fell swoop, who had hoped Square Enix would officially do something like this.

Now in its fifth edition, SWY It is based on artificial intelligence, that is, it uses deep learning techniques to increase the accuracy of game resources. It is also fully configurable and allows you to define with great precision what to place and what not, also based on your computer hardware. Some options, such as advanced animations, are expensive and may cause slowdowns.

However, by starting the mod, it will be possible to set the following elements in Final Fantasy VII in high definition: 2D backgrounds, world map, battle backgrounds, battle effects, minigames, fonts, game and movie menus. If desired, deities can also be served More modern personalities Instead of the originals, you can replace the PC version music with the PlayStation version music.

But it doesn’t stop there, because SYW also allows you to specify screen resolutions, graphics libraries to use for rendering, scale rendering, anti-aliasing, Vsync, anxiety filter, and more. In short, it’s a great job that actually updates Final Fantasy VII in an amazing way. We’re not around for Final Fantasy VII Remake, but we imagine many fans might prefer this approach to updating the game.

Final Fantasy VII with SYW mod app

Download SWY and other information

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