The mistake of not doing it is bad for your health

Although some nights are particularly cold, you shouldn’t keep heaters on all the time.

The radiators are on
radiators on –

When it is very cold outside, we often prefer to leave the heaters running but as we will see, This poses risks not only to our pockets but also to health. In fact, as if that weren’t enough, our choice to keep the heating system running will also take a toll on the environment. In fact, there are real rules to follow regarding heating and today we will see what they are.

Excessively high temperatures are dangerous to the respiratory system

Heaters are turned on at night so as we said it can lead to respiratory ailments, sore throats and even dry skin.. These symptoms also occur in greater amounts in children and the elderly. Overheating is even the enemy of a good sleep. In summer it is often difficult to sleep when it is very hot and this rule also applies in winter if we make our home an authentic oven.

With these tips we will save on heating

Heavy curtains, a more than fit solution

Overheating can also lead to weight problemsIn fact, our body in a favorable environment does not need to burn energy for heating. There are also many legal restrictions regarding the operation and decommissioning of plants. In the first class Italy is divided into 6 climatic zonesEach has different needs and rules. To give an example in the north of the country, the use of air conditioners cannot exceed 14 hours while in the municipalities of the south the systems must run at least 8 hours a day.

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Obviously, in the case of particularly cold days or other climatic events, exceptions are allowed. Therefore, turning off the heating at night will not only benefit us, but will save us money, as well as allow us to avoid fines for overtaking. as advice In order not to disperse the accumulated heat during the day at night, we recommend lowering the curtains and placing heavy curtains in front of the windows. which will retain heat. With these tips, we will be able to enjoy a healthier and less expensive lifestyle.

Heavy curtains –

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