The miracle of the four children who survived in the forest, the expert explains how they were saved »

Colombia: The miracle of the four children who survived the jungle, the expert explains how they were rescued

The Colombian Army team found the little brothersThe Colombian Army team found the little brothersThey almost dispersed 40 days ago In the Amazon rainforest Because of a plane crash, but fortunately a story Four children It had a happy ending and now an expert explains how the little ones managed to survive in such a hostile environment for so long.

It’s a real miracle what happened in Colombia. The Colombian president himself Gustavo Petro, talks about a “magical day”. survivors, according to the newspaper RepublicThey are four siblings, ages thirteen, nine, four years, and eleven months. Their mother died in a Cessna 206 crash with the two pilots.

The children, thirteen-year-old Leslie Jacobompier Mokotoi, nine-year-old Soleni Jacobompier Mokotoi, four-year-old Tien Ranoc Mokotoi and one-year-old Christine Ranoc Mokotoi, had traveled from San José del Guaviari, where they had settled after their discovery , frail and malnourished, until they arrive in the capital on a military plane, along with his father, one of their grandfathers, and other family members.

At the air base, according to the newspaper TempoFour ambulances were waiting for them, as they were taken to the military hospital in Bogotá where medical examinations, hydration and nutrition will continue.

The four young brothers manage to survive in one of the most impenetrable jungles in the world thanks to the knowledge gained in their tribe, especially from their grandmother Fatima. like he said John Morenoan indigenous Guanane chief of the Vaubes,”It is a dense and dangerous virgin forest” And “They had to resort to the knowledge they learned in the community, the knowledge of the ancestors in order to survive“.”They are raised by their grandmother, who lives on the Araracuara Aboriginal Reserve. It was the traditional knowledge they learned that kept them aliveMoreno said again.

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