The Ministry of Health, withdrawing batches of a popular fish product: “high risks of poisoning”

The Ministry of Health has ordered the recall of batches of a popular fish product. Reported danger of poisoning: this is the reason

On September 9, 2022, the Ministry of Health issued a memorandum informing that some batches of fish products had been withdrawn due to chemical hazards. This isn’t the first similar warning recently: in the past few weeks, in fact, we’ve reported chemical hazards in the batches you produce. Sonakos Senegal of fish products maman, similar to seafood. In particular, the possibility of a pesticide has been reported chlorpyrifoswhich can be moderately dangerous to the human organism.

But a few weeks ago, the Ministry of Health ordered the recall of some batches of ice cream from the well-known American brand. daz hagen. The reason is due to the possible presence of ethylene hydrochloride, also called 2-chloroethanol. Hydrochlorethylene can be really dangerous for the human body: in fact, there is a risk of damage to the liver, kidneys and central nervous system.

The Ministry of Health has ordered the recall of batches of fish products: this is the reason

The fish products we are talking about are, in particular, anchovies in olive oil Siba. The reason for the recall, as mentioned earlier, is associated with chemical hazards. In particular, the possibility of histamine being outside the maximum permissible limits has been reported. For this reason, the head of the Office of Rights, Giovanni D’Agata, called on consumers to return the product to the retailer or to the local health authority, and in particular to the Food Hygiene and Nutrition Service. Histamine can cause poisoning with symptoms such as vomiting, nausea, redness of the body, especially the neck and face, or dizziness.

Poisoning can be dangerous if you take a lot of histamine: it can lead to histamine shock. In addition to anchovies, histamine can also be found in other fish products such as tuna, mackerel, and anchovies. The affected area, as reported Geofinazoviva.He. She, is PA137 with an expiration of 11/17/2023. The weight of each glass jar is 140g and the manufacturer Poseidon shpk. On the other hand, the anchovy fillets are produced in the factory located on Shengjin Street in Albania and marketed by Zarotti spa, based in Parma at Via Nova di Coloretto 15.

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