“The mind tells us that we are not out of the woods. In the seasons we need to be careful »-

from Gianna Frigonara

Former Counter-Terrorism Coordinator: “I am confused by this announcement. We can’t go back to normal yet.”

Agostinho Museo, the former head of the Counter-Terrorism Service and then an advisor to the Minister of Education Patrizio Bianchi, is highly critical of the announcement made by the minister last Thursday regarding the Possibility to be in classes where all students are vaccinated The mask can be taken off
: “I consider it a desire, in the hope that even if the young are vaccinated, they will soon return to normal.”

In fact, the minister said that by the end of the month there will be guidelines and therefore it is more than just a wish.

“Web and access Confused by this ad Which is certainly influenced by the optimism of the will but not by the healthy pessimism of the mind. The mind tells us that the current situation does not allow us to normal before Covid. For many reasons also independent of the school world».

Therefore, masks must be kept even if everyone is vaccinated. However, last year it was she who insisted in the Counter-Terrorism Service that at least at the beginning of the year, At the counter they didn’t wear a maskEven if the increase in infection forces everyone to stricter rules and my father.
“Today we still have about 50 deaths per day (more than 350 per week) and about 5 thousand infections, how can we say that the epidemic is no longer a problem? We are not yet out of danger with the new variants that have much stronger effects than the start of the virus the epidemic.”

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Does this mean we are worse off than we were a year ago?

“The situation is much better, but it requires respect for the rules. This variant affects young people and there are several million people over 50 who need to be vaccinated, often living at home with children. In addition, not enough was done in schools to cure ancient evils such as chicken coop classes. In all this, the spacing of one meter has become optional.”

CTS decided it.
“Yes, but it is an interpretation that has no scientific basis. The distance meter is a mantra that lasts. To say that an office mate can return is a romantic but dangerous assertion.”

It is true that there are still 50 deaths a day from Covid, but restaurants reopened for those with the green lane even indoors and obviously at the table without a mask even closer than one meter. And even if the mask is removed at the counter, all other precautions must be observed.

“Lowering your alertness now, at the last mile, is wrong and dangerous. Even if children show that they are more attentive and better than adults.”

Even Minister Speranza, who is always very cautious, said it would be possible to remove the mask at the counter if everyone was vaccinated.

“I think your statement should be read as a target as well. Unfortunately, at the moment, the saliva test plan for screening is not defined, transfers are what they are and will be filled at 80 percent. We still need lots and lots of wisdom, and we’re not out of the danger zone. ».

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Do you offer compulsory vaccination to students as well?

“Basically yes, as it is already the case for other children’s vaccines. If necessary, it will. As a civil protection man, when I think about this emergency, the Covid situation, I think it has potential for growth in the community. This is especially true for schools: a pandemic is an opportunity to find answers to the long-standing problems that concern them, and not to return as if nothing had happened.”

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