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The coin in the freezer trick will be a huge help in saving your life. You won’t believe it, but this trick will save you from health issues. Let’s find out what it is and why we do it!

Knowing a life-saving trick can be crucial at certain times, so knowing how to do it is very important. Here’s what you need to know about the coin in the fridge trick, which can come in very handy when you have to go on vacation.

but why? Simple, while you’re out for any length of time, the freezer It can come off due to opacityor for the temporary disconnection of the Light, to reconnect itself when everything is back to normal.

At this juncture, the appliance thaws the freezer and refreezes it, as well as the food inside. This step is not good for the foods inside Harmful bacteria develop. With a simple coin you can find out if you can eat the foods you left in the freezer, let’s find out how!

Coin in the freezer –

Frozen foods are bad for your health

As is known, thawed and frozen foods are not good for health and should be avoided. Self Leave the food in the freezer for some time And you can’t tell what’s going on when you’re not home, it’s likely that when you come back, it’s no longer a good idea to consume them.

To understand if it happened during your absence Something cuts out You only need one coin. With a simple trick you will avoid harming your health and eat healthy foods, let’s find out how to do it!

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What is the coin in the freezer trick?

Do you have a fridge full of food but are about to leave for vacation? It is clear that you cannot unplug it, otherwise you risk throwing everything into the trash. At this point, resort to the coin-in-the-freezer trick, which you should do the day before you leave. Here’s what you need to do:

  • Get a cup and a coin
  • Fill the cup to the brim with water
  • Put the cup in the freezer

In four hours, you will have frozen water in the cup and you can place the coin on top of it. Put the mug with the coin in the refrigerator and calmly go on vacation.

freezer coin

Freezer coin –

What happens when you return if you put a coin in the freezer

When you get back from vacation, the first thing you’ll check for is the mug containing the coin you put in the freezer before you left. Look at the coin and see how it’s laid out:

  • If it leaves where you put it, then the device has not defrosted
  • If the coin goes to the bottom, there is clearly defrosting from the freezer

It can also happen that the currency He ended up out of the cupVery dangerous fact for the food you stock up on. If the latter option takes place, then You will have to get rid of the food The one you put in the freezer because it’s full of bacteria from thawing and refreezing.

As you can see, the coin in freezer trick allows you to do this Understand whether you can eat frozen foodsand avoid harm to health.

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