The military son returns home to surprise the holiday police sergeant’s mother

a Army The officer recently came home to surprise his mother, A. police Sergeant, just in time to Holidays. Soldier 2nd class Daeveon Oliver and St. Petersburg, Florida, Police Sergeant Samora joined the church.Fox and FriendsAfter an intimate reunion.

Speaking to Fox and Friends on Monday, Church said, “I was very happy. I was so happy to see him. I didn’t think I’d meet him until after the first of the year.”

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Once the military officials approved his request to go home, Oliver said his family members and supervisors at Church Police Station helped bring the surprise.

“I called my aunt so she could pick me up from the airport,” said Oliver. “She was the only person in the house who knew the time, so that was one of the main factors that helped me make the surprise better.”

With his aunt’s help, Oliver stuns his grandmother the night he arrives. Then Oliver’s grandmother called the church’s supervisors to put the plan into action.

“My grandmother got a bunch of assistants so we could put this plan together to say someone downstairs has a complaint,” said Oliver.

When Church responded to the “complaint,” her son was waiting there.

“I went downstairs and went to the double doors, waiting around the corner,” said Oliver. “I was like, Officer I have a problem, that’s when it’s obviously melting in there.”

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While aware that Oliver is doing an important job in the military, Church said, she is happy that her son is coming home this holiday season.

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“She meant everything,” Church said. “I have two younger children and they lost their brother like crazy, just like I was madly missing him.”

She added, “Bringing all my little parts back together means everything to me.”

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