The message inviting you to delete the application

The message through which Telegram invited its users to uninstall Whatsapp did not go unnoticed. Here’s what happened.

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In order to counter the spread of Covid, we are asked to be careful of various precautions, such as social distancing. In fact, the latter seems to contribute to more extensive use of variety Technology devicessmartphones, as well as tablets and computers. Ranging from social networks all the way to various instant messaging appsOn the other hand, there are many services available to us.

All of them allow us to keep in touch with friends and relatives even if they are physically far away. These undoubtedly include Facebook social networking siteInstagram, Twitter, The WhatsApp NS cable. The latter has recently come to the center of attention due to a message through which it has called on its users to uninstall Whatsapp. But what happened? So let’s get into the details and see what we can know about it.

“Uninstall WhatsApp immediately”, Telegram warning: Unexpected request

As noted, last Monday was a really dark day for Mark Zuckerberg and Facebook, because of Historic outage that lasted more than six hours for the social network and associated appsNamely, Instagram and WhatsApp that have left millions of users without the ability to communicate through these services.

In this regard, Facebook Vice President SantoSantosh Janardhan explained that the outage was caused by a change in the routers that coordinate network traffic: “This is amazing Network traffic interruption It has had a ripple effect on how our data centers communicate, resulting in our services being blocked“.

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Block certainly did not go unnoticed which direct competitors were like Twitter Mail Telegram. The well-known instant messaging application has recently become the center of attention due to a message through which Urging users to uninstall WhatsApp.

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Words that did not go unnoticed, especially after the last Under that infected the application in question. Obviously, it is not known how many users have decided to follow this “advice”, as they have already decided to leave the app with the famous green icon to switch to the blue kite icon. However, the message from Telegram appears destined to spark debate.

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