The message in a bottle is from Matilde, the 13-year-old who died on board the Titanic. A puzzle that moves France

It would be because of the tragic nature of his story, it would be because of the poignant interpretation of DiCaprio Winslet accompanied by the voice of Celine Dion, it would be because her wreckage was decaying quite slowly. The truth is, anything related to the Titanic is a subject of worldwide interest and any news, real or imaginary, about the British ocean liner that sank in 1912 is debatable. So it’s inevitable that the message in the bottle that was found in 2017 will remain on the lips of many enthusiasts.
“Throw this bottle into the sea. We have to get to New York in a few days. If anyone finds it, inform the Lefebvre family in Levin. ”These are the few words that Mathilde Lefebvre wrote and signed on April 13, 1912, the day before the Titanic sank. The sealed paper was found in a bottle 4 years ago by a Canadian family and since then Still an unresolved mystery: true or false, historical artifact, or loyal post-mortem reconstruction?

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A story that excites France so much that with every update, with every new discovery, everyone talks about it. In fact, the first answer appears to have come from a recent study by the University of Quebec that focused on analyzing the bottle the message was contained in and manufactured. In fact, the treatment matches that of the early 20th century, as well as the quality and chemical analysis of the glass, according to the Archeology Lab. A spectrometer sifted the ink: everything seemed to be reliably dated to 1912, even if a skilled forger could have obtained the glass, stopper, and paper at the time and use the fake ink.

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A family of immigrants
Along with checks for the reliability of the find, there were also those of the Lefebvre family, immigrants to America. Poor family, they may have traveled in third class. Father Frank was a miner in Levin, and he left for the United States in 1910 – two years before the Titanic – with one of his sons, Anselme, who was 10 years old. He found it in the coal mines in Mystic, Iowa, so much so that two years later he collected money to pay for the trip to his wife Mary and four other children. He who perished in the wreck of the ship and never reached it.
When he learned of the sinking of the ocean liner and two French children alive, their father, Frank, ran to New York to ask if it was his. However, after entering America under a false name, he was promptly returned to France.

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