The Medium on Xbox Game Pass, Microsoft jokes on Twitter with the title of the game –

Average It will be debuting soon Xbox Game Pass, e Microsoft He wanted to joke about it Twitter, Post a post with a little bit of humor like that.

Jokes on the title aside,Exit From The Medium on Xbox Game Pass from day one only confirms the incredible convenience of Microsoft’s subscription service.

As cited in our interview with The Medium Developers, men from Team Bloober They have some experience with horror games and have moved to more complex storytelling forms than they were in the early days.

Among the game’s defining characteristics is the possibility that the protagonist can move simultaneously within two different ones Scenarios, Visualize one or the other depending on the situation and solve environmental puzzles in order to move forward.

The Medium is a psychological third-person horror video game whose patented gameplay revolves around dual reality and develops into the tones of the original soundtrack generated by the collaboration between Arkadiusz Reikowski and Akira Yamaoka.

Use unparalleled psychic abilities reserved for a few talented people. Travel through facts or explore both at the same time. Use an out-of-body experience to explore those places your true self cannot reach.

Forge shields of energy and unleash powerful mysterious explosions to survive the realm of spirits and its other dangers.

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