The Medium, a gameplay video that shows the first 28 minutes on Xbox Series X.

Average, The new horror game from Bloober Team, appears on file Video From Play With the first 28 minutes of the match campaign, it caught on Xbox Series X. By IGN.

Available January 28 on Xbox Game Pass, The Medium tells the story Date A girl with supernatural abilities that allow her to move in two interconnected worlds.

The video actually represents the introductory part of The country side, Which introduces us to the adventure tournament and the events that led it to explore the noisy rooms of Niwa Resort.

Venture deep into the adult story with a mysterious manners where nothing is as it seems and everything has a second face.

As a mediator, you will be able to see, hear and feel more than anyone else, and your understanding of Niwa Resort events will change with each new perspective you absorb.

The unprecedented, officially patented gameplay lets you play between two worlds presented simultaneously.

Explore the physical and spiritual worlds simultaneously and take advantage of the interactions between them to solve the mysteries of double reality, open new paths and awaken memories of past events.


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